We are Dutchwell

We’re a small team of designers and riders based in Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is simple: to produce high quality, beautifully designed cycling kits and accessories.

The focus at Dutchwell remains purely on the design and aesthetic elements of our products while our manufacturing partner, Verge Sport Australia, have a complete focus on research & development, manufacturing, and all things to do with fabric science and technology. This means you get the tech team completely nerding up over tech stuff, which allows the design team to completely nerd it up over design stuff.
This symbiotic relationship boosts our midi-chlorian count and maintains our balance with the Force, and also ensures that there is no compromise between design quality and manufacturing quality.

The Dutchwell Story

Our story started a few years ago when a couple of mates wanted to organise some rides out into the leafy and lumpy suburbs of Melbourne and beyond. The rides were to start and finish at Rockwell & Sons in Collingwood, because burgers and beers. We came up with ‘Dutchwell Flyers’ as the name for this newly formed squad – with the ‘well’ in Dutchwell derived directly from Rockwell & Sons. Where we got the ‘Dutch’ part from is a story for another day.

So the Flyers were born. Rides were organised and pretty soon our handful of riders became a bunch, and now we have a squad of around 30 individuals who don the ‘Roze Oranje en Zwart’ and tackle rides ranging from our weekly sprinty sprint spins around Williamstown to our 200km+ rides out into the hills surrounding Melbourne.

Members of the Flyers have Everested, ridden 500km+ in the Fleche Opperman, and recently a trio of our brethren pushed the limits to become members of the Hells500 ‘High Rouleurs Society’ (10k of climbing in 400km over a 36 hour period). With that said though, there are Flyers whose bikes have never seen dust, let alone rain, and we suspect a few of the squad are reverse-Vampires as we never see them on any rides requiring a pre-dawn start or after dark finish. But all in all, we have a great squad of guys and girls who simply love riding and the mateship that comes along with it.